Imagine your school is one that welcomes, cares for and connects with families even before their child is enrolled. You send an invite to the school play, because you know the child has an interest in drama. A birthday card is automatically mailed to celebrate the child’s birthday

EduHealth is pleased to introduce Enquiry Tracker

ET Dashboard.JPG

Enquiry Tracker

Enquiry Tracker is a user friendly analytics system designed to support Marketing, Registrar and Leadership with new family enquiries and enrolment strategy management.

Enquiry Tracker can:

  • Identify patterns, interpret conversion rates and future student demographics using real-time data;

  • Ensure visitors details at open days are recorded to ensure targeted communication and on-site attendance records are complied with;

  • Access engaging dashboards you can use for reporting to your school Board;

  • Gain increased visibility into potential student pool;

  • Compare vital prospect data including; siblings, alumni and priority feeder schools;

  • Drive higher conversion rates using your data to identify where to invest your financial resources and efforts.

How good would that be for helping grow your enrolment numbers? To learn more, or arrange a Demo please contact Damien Cairns on 0424 157 834 or send an email to