EduHealth Solutions' Core Services


Duty of Care, Welfare & Wellbeing:

The provision of care, support, growth and safety is paramount to the Education and Health Care sectors. Complicated in nature this component of service delivery underlies the very nature of our customers organisations. Requiring considered thought and responsible governance frameworks and risk management strategies our Duty of Care solutions provide simple, reliable and interactive means by which to supervise, protect and support students and residents alike.  Click here to learn more about our Duty of Care, Welfare and Wellbeing Solutions.


Cost Efficiency and Optimisation

Behind every Education and Healthcare provider is a complicated and ever-changing organisational framework and operational footprint. Increasing demands for value and outcome are challenged by complex and costly systems, processes, facilities and resource allocations. Our efficiency and optimisation solutions are designed to provide automation, process efficiency, time benefit and redeployment of personnel from low to high value activities. Click here to learn more about our Cost Efficiency and Optimisation Solutions.


Energy and Sustainability

Energy is a significant and unavoidable cost to any operation. Sustainability, closely linked to utility consumption, is increasingly demanded from stakeholders who expect emissions reductions and sustainability management. Thankfully energy reduction technologies are increasingly commoditised, enabling viable financial performance as well as meaningful and ongoing energy and emissions reduction. Click here to learn about our Energy and Sustainability Solutions.